Signs your washer or dryer needs repair

washer or dryer needs repair

The sooner you fix the problem, the less likely you will have to buy a new washer or dryer. Here are some signs when you need to contact a company that specializes in repairing washer-dryers.

  • If the noise from the washer or dryer is too loud, the problem may be caused by a weakened motor or drum. They need to be adjusted. Our specialist will be able to solve the problem of repairing your washing machine or dryer.
  • If a puddle of water has formed near the washing machine, then the washing machine needs to be repaired as soon as possible. A leak in your washing machine can be caused by a crack, bath overflow, or loose connections.
  • If nothing happens when you press the power button (first check if the washing machine is plugged in) or you see sparks, then it’s time to repair the washing machine and dryer.
  • The washer and dryer must remain in place during operation. Otherwise, moving appliances can damage vital electrical, plumbing, and ventilation connections.
  • If water does not fill the drum with the washing machine, or if water remains in the drum after the wash cycle is complete, it could be a clogged filter or a broken pump. Our experienced washing machine repair technician will diagnose and repair the breakdown.
  • When the drum is not spinning, it is usually due to the belt of the washing machine or to the door switch. Any spare part of the washing machine can be replaced or repaired.

Unfortunately, not all troubleshooting methods are straightforward. You may need the help of a qualified repair company to properly diagnose and repair your equipment. Get a free estimate for all your appliances service in Manhattan, contact us today and at 2 Gold Street, New York, NY 10038.

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