Seven warning signs of a broken refrigerator!


Buying a new refrigerator can cost you a lot. Many refrigerator problems can be resolved by calling a refrigerator repair in Manhattan!

But how do you know when it’s time to call the professionals?

There are several telltale signs that your refrigerator is broken. Keep reading to find out!

  1. Water on your floor

Have you decided to finally push the fridge out and clean under it? If you notice water on the floor, be sure to calling a refrigerator repair in Manhattan right away. Another sign that your fridge is leaking is ice buildup on your walls or the back of your fridge. Many leaks are not so severe that water seeps onto the floor in front of the refrigerator, leaving them unnoticed. To prevent this from happening, take out the refrigerator once or twice a year to clean underneath and check for possible leaks.

  1. Don’t you feel cold

Are you not feeling a chill when you open your fridge?

Is food in your freezer starting to defrost?

Your refrigerator may not be able to maintain the desired temperature. Be sure to contact a refrigerator repair in Manhattan as soon as you notice a drop-in temperature. The best way to keep food as cold as possible and prevent spoilage is to keep the refrigerator closed until you fix it.

  1. Refrigerator making noise

The refrigerator should always make a very quiet humming sound. But, if you notice that your refrigerator keeps turning on and off, or it gets loud enough to be noticed, your refrigerator may have broken down. There are many reasons your refrigerator may be making noise, so you should consult a professional refrigerator repair in Manhattan.

  1. Food is spoiling quickly

Not all temperature changes are so dramatic that you can feel it as soon as you open the refrigerator. Even a slight drop in temperature can cause food to spoil faster than usual. Check the expiration date before throwing away spoiled food. If you find yourself throwing away a few foods that have not expired, consider repairing your refrigerator.

  1. Motor is hot

A slightly warm refrigerator motor is normal. If you put your hand on the back of the refrigerator and feel excessive heat, do not hesitate to contact a refrigerator repair in Manhattan. Even if your refrigerator seems to be maintaining its temperature, a hot engine is a sign that it is working overtime. The motor could be close to breaking, and you are likely to incur higher electricity bills in the meantime.

  1. Condensation

While a small amount of condensation in your refrigerator is not a big problem, there should be no excess condensation. Over time, cracks and tears build up on the seal, causing cold air to seep out when the door is closed. The seal must be positioned precisely to keep out all this cold air. While replacing the rubber seal on your refrigerator may seem like a simple matter, consider going to a professional refrigerator repair in Manhattan.

  1. Ice is building up in the freezer

If ice builds up inside the freezer, it can be difficult to control the temperature in the refrigerator. You can defrost by turning off the refrigerator and leaving the freezer door open. Once the ice has melted, turn the refrigerator back on and watch for the next few days. If you notice that the ice starts to form again, it’s time to call the master a refrigerator repair in Manhattan.

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