Essential oven and stove safety tips from Oven Repair of Manhattan

  1. If you want to keep certain objects close to the oven and stove to facilitate cooking, you need to make sure that you do not create a fire hazard. Don’t – Store too close to the stove: paper towels, kitchen towels, oven mitts, etc. If the burner is accidentally left on, such items can quickly ignite. Other potentially hazardous ignition items near the stove are paper and plastic bags or wooden utensils.
  2. Food and fat inside the oven will continue to burn every time you use the stove, which could result in a fire. Spilled food and grease from previous meals can also catch fire in the oven or stove. If you see smoke coming out of the oven or stove, turn it off immediately, let it cool, and then clean it. Make sure you clean the hotplates and the surface of the oven and stove before turning them on so they don’t catch on fire!

  1. Leaving cooking on a hot oven and stove unattended is one of the quickest ways to light a kitchen fire. If you need to move away from the oven or stove for any reason (check the children or call), even if it is “just for a minute” – turn off the oven and stove!

  1. Keep children and pets away from the kitchen when using the stove or oven! The danger to them can come from: pots and pans that can be pulled out or knocked off the stove; steam from food or cooking zones that have been switched off but are still hot enough to be harmful.

  1. Loose clothing can be dangerous in the kitchen, especially in the presence of open flames. Clothes can catch on fire very quickly!

Knowing how to keep yourself safe in the kitchen is a huge step towards making your apartment safer. Be careful! Sincerely, “Oven Repair of Manhattan”.

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