5 important reasons to repair your oven


Any appliance requires regular maintenance, and may also stop working at any time. You can solve some problems yourself, but do not forget to disconnect the oven from the power source. If you feel insecure or unsafe, just contact the professionals of our company ”Oven repair of Manhattan”.

Let’s take a look at common problems that cause an oven to stop working and need repair.

  1. Your oven is not heating up. If you find that the oven is showing a higher or lower temperature than the one you set, there may be a temperature control problem. The temperature sensor needs to be checked. This will require an ohmmeter to check if the temperature sensor is working properly. For oven repair, you can contact our specialist and he will fix any breakdown.
  2. Your oven is off and will not start. First, check if the oven is properly connected to electricity. If the oven is properly connected but still does not work, then there may be other causes such as a broken wire, a broken control element, etc. If you consider it unsafe or if you are concerned about the risk of electric shock, then you can contact our specialist for oven repair.
  3. The oven door does not close. Before starting any work on the oven, to avoid injury, disconnect the appliance from the mains. After turning off the power, carefully move the oven door lock lever. If this does not help, then the hinge may need to be replaced, which will require disassembling the oven. The springs may break or the oven door gasket may need to be replaced. You can call our specialist to solve the problem with the oven repair.
  4. The gas burner in the oven does not light. Clean the inside of the oven from grease and food debris and all wires connecting the igniter to the controller. If the burner still does not burn, then you need to replace the igniter or call us and we will help you solve the problem with the oven repair.
  5. Your oven does not clean itself. First, make sure you run each self-cleaning cycle correctly. You may need to manually clean the oven. If the self-cleaning cycle still does not work, then there is a possibility that the motor and the oven door lock switch need to be replaced. Our specialist can help you identify any cause of your oven breakdown and correct it correctly.

Of course, simple problems with the oven can be found and fixed on your own, but for problems that require special skills and tools, it is best to immediately contact an appliance repair specialist at ”Oven repair of Manhattan”. For all your appliances service in Manhattan contact us today appliancerepair-manhattan.com or call us today at 212-300-7827

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