Washer Repair

  • All switches replacement
  • Motors replacement
  • Belts replacement
  • Transmission replacement
  • Timer replacement
  • Water pressure switch replacement
  • Pumps replacement
  • Start relays replacement
  • Start relays replacement
  • Water valve replacement
  • Motor pulley replacement
  • Springs replacement
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Two ssential points to consider while planning a washer repair:
1. The normal life of a washer is around 12 years, therefore, with that sort of lifespan, expert maintenance and repair will keep your appliance in excellent working condition for much longer than you might have imagined.

2. One more general but extremely important point to consider when considering replacement compared to repair, is that mending the device is far more eco-friendly than just throwing your machine and exchanging it for a new one.This might not appear very important however if every household would take this seriously the environmental impact could be huge.

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