Dacor Appliance Repair

Dacor is a California based family owned appliance company that specializes in cooktops and ranges and other kitchen appliances. Dacor has been in business since 1933, when Stanley Joeseph started the company in Northern California. They focus on making the highest quality appliances available. Made in America, these high quality ranges and stovetops are designed to cook evenly and keep their temperature accurately for the best cooking experience possible. These ranges, ovens, stove tops are designed to give a great cooking experience whether you are making simple dishes or haute cuisine. Because gas cooking provides the best control, Dacor ranges, ovens, and stove tops are gas burning. Each appliance offers a wide range of precision controls for the most control and the best cooking experience. Dacor stoves and appliances are the top rated stoves and appliances as tested by top cooking school, Le Courdon Bleu. Attractive, sleek, and stylish these appliances fit right into any home and any kitchen.

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